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Success Stories

  • Solutions for Content Management System

    AV Over IP

    AREC keeps breaking through the possibilities of connecting with peripheral AV devices. The LS-410 4K UHD Media Station was launched in September.

  • Implementing an Intelligent Warehousing System with AMRC-ORN

    Industrial Automotive

    We are glad to showcase how EverFocus collaborated with our system integrator to help a client to revolutionize their warehousing operations by implementing an intelligent warehousing system using our cutting-edge product, AMRC-ORN.

  • Meeting Recording Solutions

    AV Over IP

    We are glad to share a user story of a meeting room recording from Nestle Chile. It’s provided by our AV over IP solutions provider, AREC Inc. AREC and its partner ADENA LIMITED and NOVOTIC INTEGRACIÓN AUDIOVISUAL have built a highly integrated meeting room for Nestle in Chile.

  • Smart Campus Solutions

    AV Over IP

    Taiwan National Yang- Chiao Tung University used AREC Media Station and cameras for interactive remote learning. Students were located on 2 separate campuses. They need the AV-over-IP solution to solve the problem of distance when they were taking the same course.

  • Lecture Capture Solution

    AV Over IP

    We are glad to share a Lecture Capture case study from AREC’s partner, Sensuslab, outfitted an innovative classroom for the “ Valsts Administration School “ in Latvia.

  • Smart City & Transportation | Aisa, Harbor

    Industrial Computing

    Ports have been hubs for innovation and the lifelines of Asian economy, and they form a key link in the global supply chains for cargo transit, storage services, and hinterland transport. By realizing an AIoT and V2X infrastructure, EverFocus proposed this smart harbor solution with its Intel-based edge device and other hardware/software peripherals.

  • Smart Surveillance | Taiwan, Hotel Parking Slot

    Industrial Computing

    As a 4.4 star-rated hotel, Managers care about how to provide customers with best in class safety accommodation experiences. AI functions played a key role to provide complete private environment while keeping customers satisfied.

  • Smart Campus | Taiwan, Campus


    Intrusion and attack incidents; unfortunately, are happening on an increasing amount of school campuses. Parents and faculties are all worried about students’ safety. EverFocus has been dedicated to the security industry as a manufacturer for over 25 years. EverFocus is now moving on to provide solutions in various vertical markets to create a safer environment for the public.

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