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Implementing an Intelligent Warehousing System with AMRC-ORN

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We are glad to showcase how EverFocus collaborated with our system integrator to help a client to revolutionize their warehousing operations by implementing an intelligent warehousing system using our cutting-edge product, AMRC-ORN. The client, a prominent logistics and supply chain management company, faced significant challenges in optimizing its warehouse processes, managing inventory efficiently, and reducing operational costs. The content below highlights the journey, solutions, and remarkable outcomes achieved through the integration of AMRC-ORN.
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Challenges Faced
However, to integrate traditional logistics warehouse operations into an AI unmanned warehouse, various systems and machines need to be integrated. This Time, EverFocus not only integrates robot system, AI System, Warehouse Automation equipment, but also the IoT Devices system. Meanwhile, the NVIDIA Orin Jetson Orin NX is a very new product for this year, consisting of SOM (System on Module) modules. The official Jetpack versions are continuously updated, and both the company's BSP (Board Support Package) and GMSL (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) are synchronized and integrated throughout the process. Both parties invest significant resources in debugging and fine-tuning to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.
Difficulties encountered
Moreover, the crucial issues of the low-speed vehicle lie in its "computing speed," "time synchronization" of various components and sensing elements, and the size, power, and heat dissipation of the mechanism.
Solution Implemented
To enhance warehousing efficiency and address the client's challenges, we proposed the implementation of our advanced product, AMRC-ORN. This intelligent warehouse automation system combines autonomous mobile robots (AMRCs) with cutting-edge routing and navigation algorithms.
The content includes:
Seamless Integration: Our team collaborated closely with the client's logistics experts to seamlessly integrate the AMRC-ORN system into their existing warehouse infrastructure.
Customized Routing & Navigation: We tailored the AMRC-ORN algorithms to each warehouse's unique layout, ensuring the optimal routing and navigation of the autonomous robots.
Inventory Management System: The AMRC-ORN product included an advanced inventory management system that tracked real-time stock levels, enabling efficient stock placement, retrieval, and inventory audits.
Order Picking Optimization: The AMRC-ORN system optimized order picking by dynamically selecting the most efficient routes for the robots, minimizing travel time, and improving order fulfillment speed.
Warehouse Space Utilization: Our system analyzed the warehouse layout and recommended improvements to optimize space utilization, ensuring better organization and minimizing dead spaces.
With these enhancements, our state-of-the-art AMRC-ORN product promises to significantly improve overall warehousing efficiency and tackle the client's specific challenges.
Results and Benefits
The implementation of AMRC-ORN brought about transformative improvements for the client's warehousing operations:
Improve Accuracy: The system's precise inventory tracking and picking capabilities led to a reduction in picking errors and stock discrepancies, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
Boost Efficiency: With the automation of inventory management and order picking, the client experienced a significant increase in overall operational efficiency, reducing lead times and order fulfillment delays.
Reduce Cost: By replacing manual labor with autonomous robots, the client achieved substantial cost savings in labor expenses and minimized operational errors.
Space Optimization: The AMRC-ORN system's intelligent space utilization recommendations enabled the client to make better use of their warehouse space, maximizing storage capacity.
Scalability and Adaptability: The AMRC-ORN system's flexibility allowed for easy scalability, enabling the client to expand their warehousing operations without major disruptions.
Why EverFocus?
EverFocus Electronics Corp. provides friendly and enthusiastic service, and sustainable integrity in service and sales, which are the most essential requirements for customers.
The rapid implementation and stable on-site operation are unprecedented experiences, and the EverFocus team not only provides "one-stop-service" sales but also serves as a perfect bridge between the customers and operators. They are instrumental in helping major system integrators achieve success through seamless integration and serve as a shortcut to success.
The successful implementation of AMRC-ORN transformed our client's warehousing operations, streamlining inventory management, optimizing order fulfillment, and reducing operational costs. Our product's integration showcased its adaptability and potential for revolutionizing warehousing processes in the logistics industry. Through innovative technologies and collaborative partnerships, we continue to drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction for our clients, helping them stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving logistics landscape.
Introduction of AMRC-ORN

AMRC-ORN , a cutting-edge outdoor robot application solution that leverages TSMC synchronization technology for impeccable time synchronization, triggering, and timestamping capabilities. Seamlessly integrated with the powerful NVIDIA high AI Processor, this controller offers a multitude of benefits, including a multi-channel output of PPS and time data to enhance sensor fusion accuracy for robot sensors.
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