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2024 May STC user story_2024_STC_user_story-EN(1080x670)We are glad to share an AREC KL-3T user story in Japan for corporate meetings and training recordings. Three KL-3Ts were installed by AREC's Hokkaido distributor, STC (Sapporo Transistor Corporation), for its client - DOCON CO., LTD in their meeting rooms.

AREC provides flexible I/O and complete APIs to facilitate meeting room integration
STC is professional in building highly integrated rooms with AV equipment and their control system - AVOWL. AREC’s KL-3T was introduced to DOCON CO., LTD. to optimize the recording workflow. In the system setup, KL-3Ts were connected to the AVOWL control system via TCP API with other AV devices such as projectors, screens, and audio processors in the room. 
DOCON CO., LTD shared their experience with STC:
“ AREC’s KL-3T reduced lots of efforts on producing training and meeting videos. We used to connect the camera and laptop to one computer and run the video editing software to arrange suitable layouts to create the video that is easier to watch. And we need to save the newly produced videos after in the computer. It took much time in the video editing process. AREC KL-3T has lots of built-in layouts. We can switch between various layouts and adjust the shape and ratio in real-time, which makes it very easy to handle the training and meeting recording. In addition, KL-3T also equips 1TB internal storage. When the recording is completed, videos are kept in the KL-3T directly. It also supports the VOD (video on demand) function, allows us to quickly play back the recorded video. The AREC KL-3T makes recording workflow simple and easy to practice. "



AREC KL-3T feature highlights:
  • Supports up to 3 input sources on HDMI/VGA/RTSP and 2 output sources on VGA/HDMI
  • Supports 1 PGM video and 3 individual feed recording
  • Supports dual live streams to any two CDNs
  • Embeds 1TB internal storage and USB external storage and network recording
  • Fully integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook for scheduling
  • Supports layout, background, overlay, and theme switching, camera PTZ control, and recording and live streaming control
  • Supports restful API and provides metadata for CMS/LMS integration
  • Provides restful API/RS-232 & TCP API/USB HID documents for 3rd party control devices integration
Please click on the following link ( to learn more about the KL-3T. Contact "[email protected]” or visit AREC's website ( to learn more about AREC's recording solutions.

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