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  • 1.How to do if you can’t read the SSD (HDD), when the DVR is installed upside down?

    Applied to

    1. When the EMV400SSD is installed normally, the SSD (HDD) is downward due to gravity, and the above gap does not affect the SATA slot. (You can refer to the below photo)


    SATA Slot

    2. When the EMV400SSD is installed upside down, the SSD (HDD) is downward due to
    gravity, it might affect the SATA slot unusable. (You can refer to the below photo)


    Recommended installation:
    1. When inserting the HDD, please confirm the correct connection with the HDD port.
    2. Or you can choose by adding a high spacer on SSD (HDD). (As the photo below)


  • 2.Is it possible to work with https protocol with Xfleet?

    Yes, we had support HTTPS protocol. You will need to prepare an official certificate, that for import the certificate and enable the https function in Xfleet server "WEB&FTP config" page.
  • 3.Why the MDVR can not detect HDD to take recording?

    Please ensure the Lock of HDD Tray was on and format.
  • 4.What is the default password for my MDVR product?

    To access our MDVR are using admin / 11111111 as default.
  • 5.What is the maximum power voltage the MDVR can support?

    Up to 32 GB SD / SDHC cards are supported (Except for the EMV400S series) .
  • 6.What is the function of Power Delay-On / Off?

    Power Delay-On: Set the delay time to supply power to the mobile DVR in order to avoid excess consumption surge at ignition.
    Power Delay-Off: Set the delay time to power off the mobile DVR after ignition off. It can extend the recording time after ignition off. In order to avoid sudden power outages such as car accidents, the power supply and video recording function can be working normally.
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