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4K UHD Video

Resolution is the fundamental key to the success of EverFocus DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) video Surveillance. EverFocus the best monitoring resolution on the market.
4K, in other words, UHD (Ultra High Definition), is a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9). Increasing display resolution can improve the overall effectiveness of your surveillance system. When paired with a 4K camera, an Ultra HD monitor will deliver four-times the detail of Full HD 1080p, enabling magnification and zoom-in with greater clarity of detail for enhanced visual forensic data.

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Benefit of 4K UHD resolution for video surveillance

Viewing the evidence
All surveillance cameras can observe and record the movements of individuals, traffic and public area, but can they really provide you with detail you require for recognitions?
Although many HD systems can deliver the high definition quality so many consumers require, 4k UHD cameras go up to 4x further, providing selections to improve digital zoom quality of video clips.

Expending existing infrastructure
With the developments in IP or Analog HD technology over the past few years, it will be no surprise to you that 4k UHD CCTV can easily be expending your existing infrastructure. IT infrastructures used are usually way ahead of the security industry’s requirements, so most routers, switches and PCs (etc.) are already easily compatible to 4K CCTV.

CMS and VMS compatibility
More and more CMS (central management systems) or VMS (video management systems) will operate with 4K AHD/TVI/CVI video cameras, making a huge upgrade to your existing solution relatively simple. The VMS will often record the 4K stream and use lower resolution sub stream for display, live and analytics functionality, optimized for the viewing device and aiming to save bandwidth.

Cost savings over HD CCTV
4K cameras can export greater site coverage than full HD cameras, so the real cost savings come from the need for fewer cameras, less cabling, configuration, recording channels and CMS software licenses. The end user can also be assured that greater scene coverage is achieved and fewer site incidents are missed with 4K.

4 times detail comparing to 1080p
UHD CCTV cameras can provide 4 times the detail of that of a standard HD CCTV (1080p) camera allowing you to see the bigger picture, in greater detail. Unlike many analogue and HD cameras, 4K UHD CCTV isn’t just observational, it’s evidentiary.

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