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  • 1.Is the sales method only selling the software or the carrier board? Does the SDK sample code require a license?

    The eIVP series has various sales methods. It can be sold only a carrier board or hardware. It can also be sold the hardware with AiO software. The combination of hardware and software can be used for different AI functions and through the SDK Sample Code can be developed more. The SDK Sample code is currently free of basic NVR functions.
  • 2.How to control the software update?

    Software can be updated via Micro USB on the carrier board.
  • 3.What is the function of Power Delay-On / Off?

    Power Delay-On: Set the delay time to supply power to the mobile DVR in order to avoid excess consumption surge at ignition.
    Power Delay-Off: Set the delay time to power off the mobile DVR after ignition off. It can extend the recording time after ignition off. In order to avoid sudden power outages such as car accidents, the power supply and video recording function can be working normally.
  • 4.Can digital signage player be integrated on eIVP1570?

    Yes. It can be integrated on the same hardware platform. Through the AiO SDK, the recording function can be recorded in the background and the front-end can directly play Signage videos.
  • 5.What are the types and differences of CMS?

    CMS is not limited to the surveillance industry, but EverFocus CMS is a surveillance CMS. The main function of CMS is manages the DVR / NVR, EverFocus eIVP series products provide two kinds of CMS: one is for mobile and another one is for surveillance. The mobile CMS not only has all the general NVR functions, but also provides wireless network (3G / 4G / WiFi) and GPS functions. In addition, due to the vehicle environment, the screen size is usually 7 ”or 10”, which is much smaller than the business screen. To assist driver driving safety, the display design of the live screen on the home page is also different. It will provide icon warnings for driving such as turning left and right, braking, etc.
  • 6.QT and Ubuntu can be used for business? Are there any license issues?

    QT is a free widget toolkit for developing GUIs without authorization issues.
    Although Ubuntu requires authorization, we have confirmed with Nvidia that every Jetson Nano module includes Ubuntu and has been bought outright, so there is no authorization problem.
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