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AI-Driven Factory Workforce and Inspection Management Unveiling EverFocus eNVP-JOX-AI and eNVP-JON-AI

AI Edge Computing
EverFocus, renowned for its expertise in visual recognition, proudly presents our latest industrial computers: the eNVP-JOX-AI based on Jetson Orin NX and eNVP-JON-AI based on Jetson Orin Nano. These are designed for applications in factory personnel management and material inspection processes. Notably, equipped with Solomon's AI training models, they enhance operational efficiency through advanced visual recognition in factory environments.
Application in Uniform Recognition and Color Identification
In situations where personnel must adhere to standardized uniforms defined by the production line, AI swiftly assesses compliance. For instance, it promptly identifies instances where a hat is not worn or sleeves are not correctly positioned according to guidelines. Furthermore, the system conducts color recognition on attire. If recognition outcomes align with entry data, clearance is authorized.

Simplified and Enhanced: AI-Optimized Picking and Shipping
Through camera footage transmitted to EverFocus eNVP-JOX-AI, eNVP-JON-AI  industrial computers, AI recognition learning software enables swift identification and counting of items. This enhances the precision and efficiency of shipment quantities.
Finally, we are proud to introduce the eNVP-JOX-IV, featuring the robust NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX IV Box and slated for release in the first quarter of 2024.

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