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Smart Factory - Restricted Area Management Solution

AI Edge Computing
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To ensure the smooth operation of factory workflows, we need to undertake a series of plans for the restricted areas within the factory to prevent workplace accidents. The Factory Restricted Area Management System utilizes AI body detection and tracking technology. EverFocus provides NVIDIA series industrial computers paired with AI recognition software, offering comprehensive security measures for the premises.

Why Do You Need an Electronic Perimeter Warning System?
  • Immediate Alerts
  • 24/7 Continuous Monitoring
  • Cost Savings on Manpower
  • Proactive Preventive Management
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Key features include:
Real-time Monitoring and Alerts: Capable of accurately identifying unauthorized personnel in various application scenarios and issuing alerts promptly. This includes functions such as full-screen image protection and delineated area protection.
Data Management and Monitoring Alerts: Provides security measures for crucial factory protection zones, featuring intelligent recognition, real-time alerts, monitoring, and data management functionalities. In factory production lines, if personnel intrude into automated robot production areas, the system can immediately trigger voice alerts and pause the robots to ensure safety.
High-Definition Monitoring and Intelligent Recognition: Using EverFocus surveillance cameras, the system achieves comprehensive, high-definition, real-time monitoring, enabling real-time monitoring and intelligent recognition, effectively reducing false alarm rates.
Intelligent Retrieval and Management Functions: Can set the activation time for intrusion alerts, with features like display, automatic pop-up, automatic storage of intrusion events, and audible and visual alarm functions. The system has query and indexing capabilities, including the address, date, time, and type of alarm occurrence.
On-site Light Signal Warning Function:
Provides on-site light signal warnings for intruders. When the intrusion event ends, the function will automatically deactivate.


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