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AV Over IP
Taiwan National Yang Ming-Chiao Tung University used AREC Media Station and cameras for interactive remote learning. Students were located on 2 separate campuses. They need the AV-over-IP solution to solve the problem of distance when they were taking the same course.

AREC systems made a great experience for teachers and students during the class. They could watch multiple views from both sides including presentation slides, close-up of the lecturer, and even a wide-angle view of the classroom. AREC CI-T21H auto-tracking cameras captured the students' and teachers' views on both sides when communicating.

Please look at the workflow to learn how AREC's solution builds the interactive remote learning classroom.

Full-functional restful API and TCP API support

AREC Media Station provided the full-functional restful API and TCP API for 3rd party control system integration. The system integrator can use the APIs to join the different control systems. It can meet the teachers’ and students’ needs with customized user interfaces.
Media station

Please visit AREC's website ( to learn more about the National Yang Ming- Chiao Tung University's user story.
Please feel free to reach out at “[email protected]” if you would like to know the details about interactive remote learning.


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