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EverFocus Unveils EFN 1980-SG, Redefining Surveillance with Revolutionary Infrared Fisheye Network Camera

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Taipei, Taiwan, April 11, 2024 – EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), a global leader in surveillance technology, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation, the EFN 1980-SG Infrared Fisheye Network Camera. Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and versatility, the EFN 1980-SG sets a new benchmark in the realm of surveillance solutions.
Equipped with a state-of-the-art 12-megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor, the EFN 1980-SG ensures exceptional image quality, capturing every detail with stunning clarity. Its automatic infrared filter function seamlessly transitions between day and night surveillance, providing round-the-clock security without compromise.
Designed for maximum coverage, the EFN 1980-SG boasts a 1.6mm fisheye lens, enabling a 360° panoramic view without any blind spots. Whether deployed indoors or outdoors, its compact yet powerful design ensures comprehensive surveillance coverage, making it ideal for retail boutiques, hotel lobbies, banks, station platforms, parking lots, and more.
Designed for maximum coverage, the EFN 1980-SG boats a 1.6 mm fisheye lens, enabling a 360 degree panoramic view without any blind spots.
In addition to its superior hardware capabilities, the EFN 1980-SG seamlessly integrates with EverFocus' NVR IRONGUARD II 16 POE and real-time video viewing eFVMS apps (available on iOS and Android). The NVR is built with advanced features of AI technology and supports up to 16 channels of IP cameras, allowing you to set up the security monitoring environment you need easily and quickly.
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Key features of the EFN 1980-SG include:
12-megapixel CMOS sensor: Delivers high-resolution images ideal for detailed surveillance video footage.
360° Panorama: Features a 1.6mm fisheye lens that provides a complete 360° field of view, eliminating blind spots. Its fisheye correction function enables comprehensive surveillance coverage from multiple perspectives on a single device.
Versatile Deployment: With an IP66 waterproof rating, it is suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments such as retail boutiques, hotel lobbies, banks, platforms, and parking lots.
Integration with NVR and Mobile Apps: Seamlessly integrates with EverFocus’ NVR IRONGUARD II 16 POE and live video viewing eFVMS apps for convenient monitoring and management.
The EFN 1980-SG reaffirms EverFocus' commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of surveillance technology. With its advanced features and robust performance, it stands as a testament to EverFocus' dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses and individuals to safeguard what matters most.
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