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EverFocus Unveils Groundbreaking Camera-Monitor System for Enhanced Vehicle Safety

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Taipei, Taiwan, March 21, 2024-EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), a leader in automotive technology, proudly introduces its latest breakthrough, the Camera-Monitor System (CMS), also known as the Electronic Rearview Mirror. This innovative technology revolutionizes traditional automotive rearview mirrors by seamlessly integrating cameras and display screens, offering drivers an expanded, clearer field of vision, and advanced driver assistance functionalities.
As the automotive landscape progresses, the need to address blind spots and improve visibility becomes increasingly imperative, particularly for larger vehicles. Traditional mirrors often struggle to provide adequate visibility, especially in challenging conditions such as low-light settings or adverse weather (fog or rain). However, the CMS eliminates these challenges by harnessing state-of-the-art camera technology and intelligent display systems.
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Key highlights of the CMS (Camera Monitor System) encompass
1. Automatic Backlight Brightness Adjustment: The system intelligently adapts screen brightness in night mode, ensuring optimal visibility regardless of ambient light conditions.
2.12.3-inch Display with Dual Split-screen Support: Enables simultaneous display of two input sources, enriching driver awareness and streamlining navigation.
3. Remote Control Operation and Settings: Intuitive menu settings for time, detection range, playback, and more are readily accessible directly on the screen, offering users convenient control.
4. Night Vision Functionality: Delivers clear images even in outdoor nighttime conditions with minimal light, heightening safety during nocturnal driving.
5. Glare Suppression Functionality: The CMS's Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature curbs exposure issues caused by direct vehicle headlight beams, ensuring clear visibility in all lighting conditions.
6. DVR Video Storage: Facilitates real-time recording of two 1080P 30FPS videos on SD cards, enabling users to conveniently review footage on the device or a PC.
Furthermore, the CMS tackles the issue of blind spots in larger vehicles by employing around four cameras and two in-car displays, offering comprehensive coverage and augmenting driver awareness. This not only diminishes blind spots but also alleviates driver fatigue, ultimately elevating overall vehicle safety.
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