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Sarea IoT Platform: Revolutionizing Connectivity and Control for the Smart World

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EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), a leading provider of AI solutions for intelligent surveillance and intelligent transportation edge, is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the IoT solution, Sarea IoT Platform. This brand-new high-performance Device Management & Data Integration IoT Platform is designed to help business operators easily manage their IoT devices and integrate data from multiple sources for better insights and decision-making.
Everfocus Devices empower businesses by seamlessly integrating multiple sensors, enabling them to acquire valuable data for enhanced monitoring and control. Additionally, selected devices come pre-loaded with the Sarea IoT Device Agent, which ensures immediate cloud connectivity upon activation and incorporates integrated monitoring capabilities for efficient device management in real-world deployments.
The Sarea IoT Platform is seamlessly integrated into a range of Everfocus-made devices, including SPG-Q011and SPG-Q142. Future support is planned for eNVP-JOX-AI device.

Sarea IoT Platform Drives Your Business to the Next Level
In today's fast-paced digital world, staying up to date with the latest technology is crucial. Sarea IoT Platform focuses on connecting devices, sensors, and systems to enable data-driven decision-making and automation. As IoT deployments continue to grow in scale and complexity, efficient management of the underlying infrastructure becomes paramount. The Sarea IoT Platform consists of four key features: Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, Container Management, User-defined Dashboard, and Rule Engine.
Over-the-Air (OTA)
With OTA updates, or over-the-air updates, devices can receive and install new software, firmware, or patches wirelessly, transforming the way we stay up to date. OTA updates leverage wireless connectivity to seamlessly deliver improvements, bug fixes, security patches, and even new features directly to devices.
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Container Management
Containers are lightweight, isolated environments that encapsulate applications and their dependencies. In Sarea IoT Platform Container Management enables consistent and reliable software deployment across different computing environments.
User-defined Dashboard
Dashboard serves as a centralized hub that offers a visual representation of IoT data, enabling organizations to monitor and analyze in real time. Sarea IoT Platform Dashboard provides visual representations of complex data sets, enabling users to gain insights quickly and effortlessly. Data can be presented through charts, graphs, and customizable layouts, simplifying the interpretation of trends, patterns, and correlations.
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Rule Engine
A rule engine is a software component that enables the definition, execution, and management of business rules. These rules function as conditional statements that trigger specific actions based on predefined criteria. In Sarea, the Rule Engine allows users to define conditions, specify actions, and execute rules or conditions to automate processes and make informed decisions.

Practical Application Case

Smart Flood Prevention System for County Government
In view of the limitations of traditional flood prevention methods, which often fail to provide timely alerts or accurate predictions, a county government in Taiwan utilized the Sarea IoT Platform to remotely monitor large-scale pump machines equipped with multi-protocol gateways. This allowed for the prompt identification of abnormal devices and efficient allocation of maintenance tasks. The system significantly improved operational efficiency and reduced work time by approximately 90%, by bringing together the power of connected devices, data analytics, and real-time communication to revolutionize how we detect, monitor, and respond to flood events.


Key Achievements:
Connectivity and Communication: Establishing a robust and reliable communication network is crucial for the successful operation of a flood monitoring and prevention system. The choice of communication technology depends on the geographical area, availability of infrastructure, and data transmission requirements.
Remote Monitoring and Control: One of the key advantages of our flood monitoring and prevention system is the ability to remotely monitor and control the system. Authorities can access data and receive alerts from any location, facilitating efficient decision-making and swift response actions.
Scalability and Flexibility: The flood monitoring and prevention system is highly scalable and adaptable to various environments and flood scenarios. It allows for the easy deployment of additional sensors in areas of concern, expanding the coverage and providing a comprehensive view of the flood situation. Furthermore, it offers customization options based on specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness.
Here is just one example of how the Sarea IoT Platform can transform industries and revolutionize daily life. In addition, Sarea IoT Platform aims to start from Smart Healthcare, Energy Management System and Smart Street Lighting that provides users a vertical and domain focused application. The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see how you unleash the power of connected intelligence in your unique applications.

To learn more about the Sarea IoT Platform and its practical use cases, visit our website:

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