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EverFocus and AREC Unite for Product Technology Excellence

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We are pleased to announce that EverFocus Electronic Corp and AREC Inc. have officially established a partnership to collaborate on providing excellent solutions and products for our customers. As a strategic partner, EverFocus Electronic Corp will provide high-quality manufacturing and quality control services, responsible for the production and manufacturing of the entire product line of AREC Inc.

EverFocus Electronic Corp is a world-class leader in smart city and intelligent transportation solutions, specializing in the production of industrial computers, intelligent surveillance systems, in-vehicle recording hosts, audiovisual networking equipment, and more. With years of experience and outstanding technical capabilities, EverFocus Electronic Corp's professional R&D team and advanced manufacturing facilities ensure the quality and performance of their products. Through this collaboration with AREC Inc, EverFocus Electronic Corp further expands its product portfolio, offering customers a wider range of diverse solutions.

AREC Inc, a manufacturer specialized in AV-over-IP technology, focuses on the development and manufacturing of video recording and streaming products. With leading R&D technology and a commitment to high quality, AREC Inc specializes in hardware and software integration development and applications related to video/audio data capture, video/audio compression processing, multimedia network streaming, and interactive information processing.

The goal of this partnership is to provide customers with comprehensive security and intelligent audiovisual solutions through professional collaboration and accumulated experience in respective vertical markets. By combining EverFocus Electronic Corp's manufacturing capabilities with AREC Inc's technical advantages, we will expand into the education and healthcare industries, meeting customer demands for safety, monitoring, and audiovisual applications.

We look forward to this collaboration bringing more innovation and excellence to our customers. EverFocus Electronic Corp will continue to adhere to the customer-first principle and strive to provide the highest quality products and services. The partnership with AREC Inc will create greater value for our mutual customers, offering a more diverse range of digital imaging solutions successfully applied in various smart city domains.
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