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Make Buildings Smarter and Safer! Introducing the UNIGUARD Series NVR by Adopting Intel’s High-performance AI Technology and IP Cameras

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EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), a leading provider of AI solutions for intelligent surveillance and intelligent transportation edge, is proud to launch the latest Al technology digital video host (hereinafter referred to as "NVR") and network camera (hereinafter referred to as IP Cam) combo - UNIGUARD series ~ This series of NVR can be upgraded to a higher AI level, compared to traditional NVRs, the combination of UNIGUARD series NVR and IP Cam, making the surveillance system more intelligent, clearer and safer! More than that, this system can be installed and configured according to the needs of the field (such as large shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, university campuses, etc.), Moreover, with the corresponding AI intelligent analysis management function, one machine can be equipped with up to 128 channels, so that the on-site deployment equipment is systematized and easier to install. For the user end, the management cost is greatly reduced and making the large building safer and more convenient.

EverFocus has been deeply engaged in the field of security monitoring of buildings for many years. It has rich deployment experience and can provide customized solutions according to needs. This solution conforms to a series of integration solutions from the outdoor to the indoor of the building. Such as license plate recognition for parking lot management, illegal parking identification, passenger flow detection at the entrance of the gate, face recognition application, and elevator access control management, as well as the restaurant, and conference room registration management, etc. This series of management control can help enterprises effectively improve efficiency and eliminate unnecessary manpower expenditure.
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UNIGUARD adopts Intel CPU for high-performance computing and supports large-capacity HD with remote management functions
The UNIGUARD NVR series has powerful AI computing technology and is equipped with Intel CPU technology which can automatically detect objects, faces, vehicles, etc. from captured images and can quickly analyze and process them. At the same time, it also has high-efficiency real-time recording and encoding/decoding compression. Allowing users to find the required video clips quickly according to time, place, object and other information.
UNIGUARD also supports large-capacity HD storage, with pure storage capacities of 4, 8 or 16 hard drives which can safely and reliably store and protect images. In order to provide users with unlimited access, specially designed to be managed remotely and monitored via mobile phones, and computers easily.

UNIGUARD IP Cam is equipped with high-resolution technology and meets the NDAA regulations, as well as the MIT emblem
The most noteworthy feature of UNIGUARD IP Cam is the use of Light Hunter technology, which allows for high-quality shooting and detail capture even in low-light environments. Additionally, even in extremely high-intensity light environments, it also has 120db WDR technology, which can still provide you with a clear image. There are two options for image quality: 5MP and 2MP.

Functionally, it also has intelligent recognition technology, such as face detection and crowd detection, which can recognize abnormal events in the image and transmit them to the cloud or central control center through UNIGUARD NVR for recording. It can immediately trigger an alarm, and management personnel can use their phones or computers to playback and monitor the footage in real time, without missing any tiny details.
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Please let us know if any inquiries or needs, our team will provide you with the best solution as soon as possible!

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