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EverFocus Launches Newly Upgraded NVR to Elevate Your Security System

EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), a leading provider of AI solutions for intelligent surveillance and intelligent transportation edge, is proud to announce the launch of the new 8-megapixel (4K) network video recorder (NVR) - IRONGUARD II 16 POE, which is built in with advanced features of AI technology and supports for up to 16 channels of IP cameras, allowing you to set up the security monitoring environment you need easily and quickly. Its plug-and-play easy installation design makes it ideal for users to experience the cost-effective and fast way to build a surveillance system.
EverFocus is committed to leading the technology and innovation design to provide diversified and guaranteed solutions to all customers, IRONGUARD II 16 POE is in line with the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) as its main IC components, mechanical design, and excellent quality are made in Taiwan (MIT) throughout the process. This compact NVR is uniquely designed with 16 PoE interfaces, which can easily and quickly provide video signals and power supply through a network cable when using the network camera, offers substantial flexibility with a generous PoE budget, delivering 15 watts simultaneously on all ports and up to 30 watts on each, integrating seamlessly with a variety of cameras. In addition, together with the eZ.IP series cameras from EverFocus are complemented directly by a simple plug-and-play while eliminating tedious network configuration setup. This NVR is ideal for all customers with smaller facilities such as community residents, small enterprises, and other commercial spaces, etc.

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While the NVR has a small footprint, its performance is uncompromising. In addition to supporting image quality up to 4K resolution, the built-in HDMI also outputs a resolution of 4K, you can view real-time video and event playback data on the machine body without the need for a separate PC. Playback up to 4 channels to be viewed at the same time with 4K simultaneous streams at 45fps image rate, providing users with a high-quality video experience when viewing live video or searching stored video. Furthermore, this machine also provides 2 SATA HDD (8TB/disk) high-capacity storage space so which is convenient for customers to record for a long time without worrying about the loss of critical video data.
Moreover, the NVR not only provides basic recording and playback functions but is also uniquely designed to offer diverse AI-assisted video analytical functions, the main functions can support image analysis with eZ.IP network cameras, such as Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Foreign/Missing Object Detection, Pedestrian Detection, Face Detection, License Plate Detection, and Sound Detection can be conducted. Besides, these functions can also be integrated with EverFocus central monitoring software (CMS) and with eFVMS mobile APP which supports both iOS and Android systems.
By integrating with EverFocus’s eZ.IP series cameras, such as EBN and EZN series, IRONGUARD II 16 POE can implement powerful AI-assisted video analytical functions both in outdoor and indoor areas. It can precisely provide comprehensive protection to our customers and save manpower/cost at the same time. “Your Safety, Our Focus” is our unchanging commitment to you all the time.
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