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We are glad to share a user story of a meeting room recording from Nestle Chile. It’s provided by our AV over IP solutions provider, AREC Inc. AREC and its partner ADENA LIMITED and NOVOTIC INTEGRACIÓN AUDIOVISUAL have built a highly integrated meeting room for Nestle in Chile. The complete meeting room setup included one AREC LS-400 Media Station, two PTZ cameras, a Sennheiser microphone system, a QSC DSP, Microsoft Teams, and a Crestron control processor.
AREC LS-400 is a media gateway in the meeting room diagram to bridge all AV equipment and give the user a unified interface to manage the recording and Live streaming workflow.     
Please refer to ADENA’s website ( if you would like to know more about this meeting recording and Live streaming solution.
LS-400 Diagram

About AREC Media Station Video Recording
AREC Media Station is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quality video recorder. AREC Media Stations offer both real-time video editing (layout, overlay, and background switching) and video recording. H.264 is the video coding format for AREC recording full HD 30fps video and audio. By using H.264 encoding, you can transmit, upload, and save the higher resolution video content with lower bandwidth usage. 

Video recording

There is 1 or 2 TB of internal storage embedded in the media station. And it also supports network recording or external USB storage for capacity expansion. Most famous CMS/LMS platforms such as Opencast, Panopto, and Kaltura had been integrated into the system. With one click, you can upload the PGM video and the individual footage videos to the platforms. Except for functional integration to the system, AREC media stations are built in the VOD for video downloading, uploading, and playback via web browsers. Please feel free to contact “[email protected]” if you would like to know more about the AREC recording solution.

Video manager_EN

Please visit AREC’s website ( to learn more about AREC’s products. 
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