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EverFocus AIoT Solution for Harbor Management
Ports have been hubs for innovation and the lifelines of the Asian economy, and they form a key link in the global supply chains for cargo transit, storage services, and hinterland transport. As the world gets increasingly connected and interdependent, seaports are thus expected to grow by up to 4X until 2050. It thus becomes at stake to increase the operational efficiency and ensure harbor security as well in the upcoming future. By realizing an AIoT and V2X infrastructure, EverFocus proposed this smart harbor solution with its Intel-based edge device eIVP-TGU-IV-V0000, cameras, and other hardware/software peripherals, such as license plate recognition (LPR), object/loitering detection, density analysis, fleet management, etc. Relying on its rich hands-on experience and database, EverFocus had this AI-driven solution deployed in multiple ports across different cities in Asia. By making good use of the data-rich environments in and out of harbors, EverFocus will continue to progress with Intel and optimize its current solutions, with a goal to power the maritime industry forward. 圖片1

Challenge Facing:
An estimated 75-90% of maritime accidents involve some element of human error. In northern Taiwan, the local port operators were looking for an all-in-one harbor solution to not only safeguard the daily operations but also achieve faster and informed use of transportation systems. To facilitate this plan, the port operators needed an efficient, holistic, and tech-oriented solution to safely handle the harbor’s complex network of cargo flows.

Solution Providing:
By connecting EverFocus’ edge device eIVP-TGU-IV-V0000 with a wide variety of sensors like AI cameras, the port operators create a complete picture of smart operations to enable real-time decision-making across their cargo fleet. With customized algorithms and systems for computer visions, this solution helped improve port safety by helping reduce blind spots and enable situational monitoring, for example, loitering detection. Equipped with Intel AI modules and built-in wireless technologies, this solution was also empowered in the analytical accuracy for the application of automated parcel handling, asset tracking/protection, intelligent gate access control, and truck fleet management.

Following the deployment of the EverFocus integrated AI systems edge solution, the customer is expecting to record fewer thefts, decrease logistics delays, and improve operational efficiencies. 

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