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EverFocus Electronic Image Recognition Technology and Car Industry Computer create a lighthouse for unmanned vehicle journeys

Project time: 2020
Products: eNVP-JNX-IV-V0008, EZN1250-S, EQN200-L
After the sandbox law on self-driving supervision came into effect in 2019, Taiwan's self-driving cars were legally tested on the road, opening Taiwanese's imagination for self-driving cars.  After arduous testing general road operation efforts, in mid-2020 the first unmanned bus was finally unleashed on the roads of Taipei City. To successfully remove obstacles to create self-driving cars, and in cooperation with Taiwan's Turing Drive, EverFocus plays a key role of "The Car Outfield Environment Image Analysis Transmitter" to solve two major problems of self-driving vehicles, inter-road imagery and roadside real-time image identification and on-board power supply with volume problems.  
 • eNVP-JNX-IV-V0008

Accurate road judgment technology leads unmanned vehicles to move forward safely
EverFocus combines hardware and software advantages to provide eNVP-JNX-IV-V0008 as a side-side device host (RSU, Road Unit), combined with its own Value Series network surveillance camera (IP Camera), this provides accurate road information for self-driving vehicles, including passers-by, static and dynamic obstacles to driving, and even topographical features, connecting the center and on-board devices (OBU, On-board Unit) to complete the operation and walking of self-driving vehicles through high-speed edge computing, AI identification technology and 4G/5G transmission.  
Solve the problem of equipment power supply and machine size MIT is not only small but also compact
In all smart transportation or urban solutions, the most common issue is the problem of the installation of a machine station in response to the high demand for power supply, which affects the ease of placement.  In addition to lightweight on-board industrial computer, the system module (SoM, System on module) equipped with NVIDIA ® Jetson ™ is the size of a credit card ㄧ and with edge computing technology can greatly enhance image analysis and identification which effectively is used for self-driving cars to real-time judgment of distance emergencies.
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