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Xfleet 2.0

Real-time GPS tracks and playback Graphical analysis report
  • Web interface
  • Connect up to 500 clients
  • Multiple map types supported
  • Real-time GPS tracks and playback
  • 64-channel real-time live view
  • 16-channel recording playback
  • Geo-Fence
  • Idle time detection
  • Over-speed detection
  • Smart auto backup
  • Remote archive
  • MDVR system status
  • Graphical analysis report

  • Features GPS Positioning, Geofence, Track Query, Alarm Linkage, Images Snapshot, Real-Time Live Video Monitoring through 3G/4G Network, Remote Video Playback, Rules Management, Mobile APP (iOS / Android)
    Minimum System Requirements  
    OS Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later
    CPU Intel quad-core Xeon, Frequency of not less than 2.33GHz
    Network 2 Gigabit Ethernet
    RAM 4G or more
    Storage 1TB
    Others • Supports VGA display
    • Supports normal keyboard, recommended to use USB keyboard
    • LED indicator lights for computer, HDD and other activities status
    Media Streaming Server  
    Performance • Each Streaming Server can support up to 256 concurrent incoming channels with a bandwidth of 128Mbps
    • Each Video Channel supports up to 6 Clients viewing. Maximum data rate output of each channel is 512Mbps
    • Under Gigabit Ethernet ports / 20Mbps output stream rate, the average forwarding delay is less than 5ms
    • Under Gigabit Ethernet ports / 100Mbps output stream rate, the average forwarding delay is less than 40ms
    • Under Gigabit Ethernet ports / 512Mbps output stream rate, the average forwarding delay is less than 200ms
    Video Bandwidth 81,920Kbit bandwidth is required. Using CIF video resolution per channel with 320Kbit/second and a total of 256 channels (320x256=81,920Kbit)
    NOTE: Owing to the bandwidth limitation under 3G network, video resolution is restricted to CIF
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