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Webinar│Achieving Smart Factory by AI Platform

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AI is a combination of Machine Learning techniques and Deep Learning. AI models are trained using vast volumes of data can make intelligent decisions. As AI development is booming these days, various smart AI applications have been successfully deployed in diverse scenarios.
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Factory
AI-based predictive analytics can be used to minimize downtime and increase plant utilization by forecasting and taking appropriate action to match production and demand. AI-based smart factories can combine data and analytics to reduce raw materials in under-production in a timely manner, thereby simplifying supply and maintaining inventory optimally.  AI-based smart factories also include the following functions, such as optimizing supply, preventive maintenance, and reducing after-sales costs. Currently, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on improving operational efficiency and may adopt AI-based technologies in their smart factories, thereby contributing to the growth of AI in the manufacturing market.

Today, we are honored to be joined by T-DAB.AI to introduce their unique AI platform OctaiPipe on how businesses can realize the transformative power of edge AI using AIoT data on the EverFocus Jetson Nano series hardware in the smart factory.
All registrants will receive a link to the recorded webinar. Come to see the dialogue between two experts from the East and West. The content is wonderful so don’t miss out! If registrants are unable to join on time, we’ll provide a link to the recording for you to watch at a convenient time.

TUE, 15th November, 2022
09:00 AM – 10:00 AM GMT
05:00 PM – 06:00 PM CST

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