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EverFocus RSU AI Solution Makes the Roadway More Secure & Unimpeded

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EverFocus provides an Overall Roadside and Intersection Solution to make our traffic safer and smoother. Our deployment is using industrial PC NVIDIA® Series and IP Network Camera to upload data to the customer control center.
The intelligent functions include Parking Violation Detection, Spatial Density Calculation, Traffic Flow Counting, and Traffic Crowding Detection. The powerful system encompasses video analysis and data interfaces that can also provide real-time updated data.
Due to this system, we successfully save plus reduce traffic problems and operation costs in Taiwan and Europe.
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The eNVP-JNX-AI-D008 unit can connect 8 different devices simultaneously. With efficient computing capabilities, different SDKs can be provided according to your computing needs. Such as Jetson Orin NX ™ module and Orin Nano™ Series.
Jetson Orin NX ™ module and Orin Nano™ Series compared to the last generation Jetson family has more than 30 times higher computing performance. This embedded computer can greatly improve management efficiency, and passerby, and driver satisfaction.
Looking forward to your inquiries. Our team will try to answer ASAP.
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EverFocus provides diversified surveillance solutions from front-end cameras, edge devices like industrial PC, and back-end servers. The device coverage includes IP, CCTV, vehicle, and access control systems. EverFocus has offices globally, including the U.S.A., Mainland China, Japan, and Taiwan. For more information, please visit

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