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EverFocus Launches IoT Gateway to Redefine Ways of Connection

Taipei, Taiwan, December 29, 2022 – EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the leading provider of smart surveillance and smart transportation solutions, officially releases PG-M100, a high-performance, low-power gateway with ARM Cortex M4 for a variety of data acquisition and remote control solutions to increase productivity and improve internal resource utilization for enterprises.   
Translating Communication between IoT Devices

Although IoT devices are rapidly becoming a part of our every day, with new products and services popping up all the time to aid in just about every aspect of our lives, standards for a common language between devices do not yet exist. EverFocus Protocol gateway PG-M100 helps to integrate devices to the cloud for remote data collection and digital transformation. The MCU-based, serial, Ethernet, and wireless gateway help to get data from sensor nodes through RS-485/232 or Ethernet and convert data to a cloud platform or mobile app. In addition to Ethernet, wireless communication technology modules such as LTE 4G or NB-IOT/CAT-M1 are also available. With its diverse I/O interfaces such as Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, Digital input, Digital output, Analog input, etc., PG-M100 is tailor-made for all next-generation IoT protocol gateway applications to meet the remote monitoring applications in the field of Internet of Things/machine networking. Moreover, the adaptable diverse connectivity design provides a simple and easy-to-use device for IoT applications including smart cities and smart factories.


Connecting Devices to One Another and the Cloud 

Embedded with Real-Time OS and support Modbus/MQTT protocol conversion fosters the development of Internet of Things (IoT) operations across industries. Besides supporting a variety of communication protocols such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, and MQTT, PG-M100 is also equipped with a real-time operating system (Real-Time OS), which can help devices and data connection to the cloud more easily through various communication protocols. Furthermore, cloud integration is necessary for Industrial IoT applications, no matter when deployed on-premises or with a public cloud. PG-M100 gateway provides built-in messaging protocols including MQTT, MQTT, HTTP, and more to support communication with a central database for any use case. The gateway can provide end-to-cloud customized services according to customer needs as well.
About EverFocus Electronics Corporation

EverFocus provides diversified surveillance solutions from front-end cameras, and edge devices like industrial PC, gateway, and back-end servers. The device coverage includes IP, CCTV, vehicle, and access control systems. EverFocus has offices globally, including the U.S.A, China, Japan, and Taiwan.
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