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EverFocus Launches the Most Astonishing Edge AI Computer Across Ages: eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 for Smart Railway/Transportation Applications

Taipei, Taiwan, March 28, 2022 – EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the leading provider of smart city and smart transportation solutions, is excited to announce the most astonishing fanless edge computer— powered by the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform – eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008.
Improving railway infrastructure and accessibility is believed to benefit citizens’ lives and the industrial activity of a region. For the reduction of rail accidents and unnecessary losses, authorities may expand their workforce for inspection and maintenance, but this cannot meet the demand for an increasing number of railway stations and the amount of maintenance equipment. What is at stake for the officials now is how to enhance the efficiency of these regular checks and future danger predictions by means of the 5G network and AI data processing, be it in the orbital or harsher environments.
eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 by EverFocus is ready to address these issues. Equipped with the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ module, which offers big workstation performance at 1/10 the size of a workstation, eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 delivers up to 32 TOPS of GPU-accelerated AI performance in low power consumption and fanless design. Embedded with eight (8) PoEs to support multiple high-quality image output and collection, eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 improves the efficiency and accuracy of data processing, even under extreme conditions.
EverFocus uses the NVIDIA Metropolis platform to enable system developers to deploy and train AI models easily and quickly with eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008. EverFocus Blind Spot Detection (BSD) solution, built on NVIDIA CUDA AI algorithm, can send warnings to the driver when vehicles or people are detected. BSD, as its name shows, is used to eliminate blind spots from the drivers in the hard-to-see areas. Around 0.5 meters away from the car body, the driver will be warned to fully concentrate, in order to avoid large-vehicle accidents caused by the inner wheel difference.
Certified with the railway standard—EN50155, eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 can be a cross-generation AI product to bring transportation to the next level and supports a wide range of temperatures (-40°C ~ 60°C) and voltages (9V to 36V). eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 realizes edge computing for large-scale logistics, factories, and Internet of vehicles, in anticipation of smart railways and transportation.
As a system integrator with video analytics expertise, EverFocus has helped deploy vehicle recording and playback devices for many public and key sectors in the past two decades. In combination with cutting-edge technology and on-site experience, EverFocus is confident in proposing solutions for railways or the public transportation industry.
All-in-One (AiO) System:
All-in-One (AiO) system, developed by EverFocus, is a unique software with high flexibility of intelligent functions. For example, by analyzing the variation from the three-axis vector, the AiO gravity sensor (G-sensor) can calculate the degree of geographical change, for example, the curved and uneven road surface. Under such conditions, the G-sensor can help detect the curvature and further predict the railway curve radius from the railway. Also, by applying the AiO Geo fence to video analytics technology, warnings will also be sent if there are obstacles or suspicious objects on the railway. Railway safety will be better ensured via assistance from AiO.
Smart railway inspection:
For railway safety under different conditions, eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 can be deployed with mDVR, IP cameras, and accessories by EverFocus.
With the deployment of AiO software, 2MP/5MP/8MP high-resolution IP cameras (SC series) and eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 developed by EverFocus, a complete smart railway transportation solution can be upgraded. AI databases can be updated and processed remotely via EverFocus AiO (All-in-One) system,
With its high-performance computing and deep learning capabilities, eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 makes AI a joining force to human beings, as it can increase detection accuracy with pre-trained models by overcoming light and shadow limitations. In addition to saving maintenance costs, this system also reduces the risks due to human errors, road closures, and other inconveniences like traffic congestion.
Railway safety is thus guaranteed by the AI functions empowered by eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 on trains, just like a collaborative force for the existing personnel.

eNVP-JAX-AI-V0008 datasheet:
  • 8-core NVIDIA Carmel Arm® v8.2 64-bit CPU
  • 512 NVIDIA CUDA cores and 64 Tensor Cores (NVIDIA VoltaTM architecture)
  • Onboard 32 GB 256-bit LPDDR4x 136.5GB/s
  • Supports PoE connectors x 8, Giga LAN ports x 2
  • Supports M.2 2280M key for NVMe SSD x1
  • Supports SATA port x 2, SD Card x 2 XC 512GB)
  • Supports M.2 x 1 3052 B key for 5G
  • Supports mini PCIe x 1 for WiFi/4G module
  • Supports isolated x 1 CAN bus, RS232 x 2, RS485 x 1
  • Supports GPS x 1, isolated DI x 8, isolated DO x 8 9V to 36V wide-range DC input 
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EverFocus provides diversified smart city & smart transportation solutions from front-end cameras, edge devices like industrial PC and back-end servers. The device's coverage includes IP, CCTV, vehicle, and access control systems. EverFocus has offices globally, including the U.S.A, China, Japan, Taiwan.
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