EverFocus Electronics Corp.

Sarea IoT Platform

A web based high-performance Device Management & Data Integration IoT Platform.
  • Provide market ready solutions and API integration with third-party systems for fleet management, energy, street lighting, and health applications...etc
  • Automate data processing, device control, and alarm notifications with rules engine
  • Visualize real-time and historical data with dashboards and reports.
  • Collect sensor data and remote device management (real-time monitoring and updates)
  • Support multiple IoT gateways and offer customized device integration based on customer needs
  • Integration • Gateway SDK / firmware development and design
    • Integration of sensors and endpoint devices
    Device Enrollment • Batch Enrollment
    • Single device enrollment
    • Customized process development
    Remote Management • Endpoint device status and sensor data collection
    • Control of endpoint devices (reboot, motor start, etc.)
    • Hardware Monitor
    • OOB (Out-of-Band Management)
    Device Update (OTA) • File, Software, Firmware, OS Update
    • Update status monitor
    Data Integration • 3rd party integration (REST API)
    Rules Engine • Threshold Alerts based on sensor/terminal device values
    • No Code / Low Code configuring trigger conditions and actions
    • Notification via email, SMS, or communication software.
    Data Visualization • Support Grafana
    • Customized Dashboard
    • Simple Widget
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