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EverFocus' SPG Series IoT Gateway offers versatile connectivity and integration options.

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EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), a leading provider of innovative industrial connectivity solutions, is delighted to announce SPG series industrial protocol gateway- SCI-RM44, SPG-QM44 and SPG-Q142.
This state-of-the-art solution revolutionizes industrial connectivity by seamlessly bridging communication gaps between devices and systems that utilize different protocols. By empowering businesses to enhance productivity and streamline operations, the SPG series industrial protocol gateway sets a new standard in industrial connectivity.
Unleashing Connectivity Potential
Equipped with an ARM Cortex M4F CPU/MCU, the SPG series ensures high-performance and efficient data processing. Its compact design and DIN rail mounting feature provide easy installation, allowing seamless integration into existing industrial infrastructure. The gateways support a wide range of connectivity options, including LTE 4G wireless connectivity and CAT-NB/M1 wireless technology upon request. Additionally, GPS support via 4G LTE or CAT-NB/M1 module enhances location-based functionalities.

Easily utilized in demanding environments
Designed to withstand demanding industrial conditions, the SPG series operates flawlessly across a wide temperature range in harsh environments. Its robust construction and compliance with CE and FCC regulations guarantee durability and adherence to industry standards for safety and electromagnetic compatibility. The gateway's wide operating voltage and low power consumption make it an energy-efficient solution for industrial deployments. It's not only suitable for railway,roadside and pumping stations but also factory automation
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IoT gateways from EverFocus are tailored to meet the needs in industrial field applications
EverFocus is dedicated to offering series of IoT gateway products meeting various demands in the field. Rest assured that our products are not only high performance but also perfectly matched to your requirements.

About EverFocus Electronics Corporation
EverFocus Electronics Corporation is a trusted provider of smart surveillance and smart transportation solutions, catering to diverse industry needs. With a global presence, including offices in the U.S.A, China, Japan, and Taiwan, EverFocus delivers innovative solutions that empower businesses worldwide.
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