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As of May 1 2017, please be advised that direct technical support will no longer be provided for our legacy products.

Legacy Products:
If you require assistance with our legacy products please contact EverFocus Technical Support via email techsupport@everfocus.com or the sales team to set up an appointment for a callback.

EverFocus Tech Support is a complimentary service to our distribution partners, valued dealers, installers, and integration partners. End users of EverFocus products and systems are strongly encouraged to contact their dealers and installers for general setup and troubleshooting. Users who purchase EverFocus products through unauthorized resellers may be excluded from EverFocus technical support and product warranty.

Products that are considered legacy will be added to the Legacy Device page.

Analog HD Cameras:
EPTZ9200 / EPZ9300

IP Cameras:
1100 Series
1200 Series
3200 Series
3300 Series
7200 Series
7300 Series
EPN4200 Series
EPN5200 Series

EPR120 Hard Drive Reader

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USA Technical Support Contact

Email: techsupport@everfocus.com
Phone: (626) 844-8888 option 2
Operation Hours: Monday through Friday: 7am – 5pm (PST) | 10am – 8pm (EST)