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EverFocus Presents Lightweight AI Development Kit


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EverFocus Presents Lightweight AI Development Kit
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Taipei, Taiwan, September 30th, 2020 - EverFocus (TWSE: 5484), a global leader of image analytics, announced its release of its last dated AI Development Kit- EverFocus KAUAI AI Kit- featured with Kneron® KL520 Neural Processing Unit (NPU) determined to facilitate developing process, decrease the time span of training and machine inference, and cut the developers and manufacturers some slack!
Recent years as technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) increase the convenience of life and raise needs for more AI powered service, EverFocus is bringing you EverFocus KAUAI AI Kit which accelerates edge computing, allows rapid verification of end-side AI algorithm and compatibility of the very scenario of application, and helps to scale down the cost of project deployment.
Thanks to the software development kit (SDK) of Kneron® KL520 NPU which supports several AI frameworks, including Caffee, Keras, TensorFlow and ONNX, as well as multiple convolution neural network (CNN) models such as VGG16, Resnet, GoogleNet, YOLO etc., EverFocus KAUAI AI Kit enhances notably a range of intelligent applications with instant inference, low latency and high efficiency.
Featuring EverFocus’ 1080p FHD USB camera EUA1200 and Kneron® KL520 NPU, performing on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, a credit card-sized computer, this lightweight AI development kit provided by EverFocus enables manufacturers and developers to deploy easily various projects.

For example:
1. Efficient elevator group control through people counting (loading management) and crowd tracking (waiting span management and frequency/ shift management);
2. Overall accident prevention through helmet/working outfit identification (occupational safety and health management), and facial detection (management of attendance and access control);
3. Realization of disabled friendly environment through wheel chair detection (instant notification to command center of the train station, department store, hospital and so on).
EverFocus KAUAI AI Kit of intuitive user interface (UI) leads manufacturers and developers to a much quicker and effortless process of project kick-off. Functions like facial recognition, crowd tracking and object identification can as well be applied to other scenarios such as smart city, intelligent machine vision, and edge IoT networking with low power consumption and no time wasted.
When AI draws attention because of its high level of security and reliability as well as the character of generating immediate response to event, challenges however of AI training and development are also foreseen and inevitable due to its complexity. Hence, EverFocus is bringing you the handy tool to make the whole process simpler; EverFocus KAUAI AI Kit not only makes worthy every of your penny but also makes day-to-day management a lot more effective and easier!
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(Author: Jyying Wu, 2020.09.30)

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