IP Camera Calculator

 Stream Type:  H.264
Constant Bit Rate:
128Kbps 2048Kbps  (2Mbps)
256Kbps 3072Kbps  (3Mbps)
512Kbps 4096Kbps  (4Mbps)
1024Kbps  (1Mbps) 5120Kbps  (5Mbps)
Number of Cameras:
Hours of Motion: Hours a Day
Storage in Days (per camera):

Total Bandwidth:
Average Bandwidth per Camera:
Estimated Storage:


  • Constant Bit Rate means camera provide same bit rate every seconds
  • Max camera bit rate please refer to the manual, it will affact recording days
  • All calculated result is very depending to different environment for reference only
  • Any other questions, please feel free to contact us