Vehicle Surveillance

In the business of transport, fleet management, and other mobile applications, precaution is always better than cure. Preventative measures are always more effective than reactive actions. With EverFocus Mobile Surveillance Solution, every day is Safety Day as safety has no holiday. At EverFocus, safety first means safety always.

Other than safety, loss prevention, asset protection, incident management, risk reduction and access to clear evidence―today’s industry professionals face many challenges. Security threats, such as employee theft, shoplifting, and organized crimes, are continually evolving. No organization can afford to overlook a surveillance system in place, which needs to be reliably robust and high performing. EverFocus is your best solution partner here.

Regardless of what industries you are from―automotive, healthcare, high tech, industrial manufacturing, retail; what businesses you need surveillance solutions for―courier, post-delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, EverFocus will help protect critical infrastructure, prevent asset loss and drive your organization’s growth.

Fleet Management


Xfleet 2.0

Xfleet is a Web-based fleet management system

Mobile App


Remote Video Surveillance for iPhone / iPod Touch / Android Devices

MobileFocus Plus

Remote Video Surveillance for iPhone / iPod Touch / Android Devices

MobileFocus HD

Remote Video Surveillance for iPad

MobileFocus HD Plus

Remote Video Surveillance for iPad


Everfocus Browser

Browser for Remote Access of EverFocus Network Surveillance Devices


Enhanced HDD Reader for Local / Remote Users with Privileges