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EverFocus Electronics Corporation


NOTE: All warranty policy listed on this page is vaild for product(s) shipping from EverFocus Electronics Corp. USA subsidiary to the United States and Canada region only.

EverFocus Electronics Corporation ("EverFocus") will repair or replace, at no charge to the purchaser, any merchandise found to be defective in material or workmanship, for the following period of time, from the date of shipment from EverFocus. Based on the RMA policy, products with the defective rate of AQL, major 1.0 (major parts defective rate under 1.0%), minor 4.0 (minor parts defective rate under 4.0%) will be handled by RMA.

Product Category

Warranty Period (Parts and Labor)

DVRs* 3 years
Fixed Cameras 5 years
IR Cameras 3 years
Access Control Products 2 years
PTZ Cameras 1 years
Network Cameras 3 years
Video Servers 3 years
Quads & Processors 3 years
Hard Drives 3 years
Monitors 1 year
Lenses And Accessories 1 year
HD-SDI DVRs 3 years
HD-SDI Cameras 2 years
HD-SDI Accessories 1 year
NVRs 2 years
PoE Switch 1 year
*For DVRs : TUTIS+ F3 / ECOR960 F2 Series DVRs have 1 year warranty only