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For iPhone, Android and Blackberry users downloading the MobileFocus App, please click here.

Get Video Streaming & Live Viewing on Mobile Devices, MAC/PC,
Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Many Others!

Check live video from your home or business while-on-the-go by linking directly to your EverFocus DVR with your mobile device!   The new Paragon, Paragon264 and ECOR264-D1 & X1 series DVR models (EPARA16D3/16D3R, EPARA264-16X4, ECOR264-4X1/9X1/16X1, ECOR264-4F1/4D1, ECOR264-8F1/8D1), all support web streaming for live PC and PDA/Smart Phone monitoring. You can view the live video from a variety of MACs and PCs plus a wide range of mobile devices, allowing you the capability to stay informed about the things most important to you, with no additional servers or purchased programs required.

Be sure your DVR is up-to-date with the latest FREE firmware (check firmware upgrade).

To view video from our live demo site, click see DVR demo

To view live video from your DVR, open the browser on your PC, PDA or SmartPhone and enter the address and IP port for your DVR into the location bar. Don’t know the address or port? You don’t ever NEED to remember an IP address or port with our FREE DDNS service. Just assign a familiar name to your DVR and then access the DVR from anywhere using that name!

Enter the DVR address in the form: http://AAA.AAA.AAA.AAA:PPPP/m/live.htm or where AAA.AAA.AAA.AAA is the IP address of the DVR and PPPP is the HTTP port used by the DVR. The dvrddnsname is the familiar DDNS name registered with the server

You will be prompted for the login ID and password to access the DVR. Please remember that the ID is case sensitive; the password is numeric. After entering the ID/password, choose OK or Log In and you will see the live view screen. Click on a camera button to select that camera.

Will my phone or browser work with Live Mobile View?

There are many different devices out on the market and we are doing our very best to expand our support range. For a complete list of supported mobile phones, browsers and other devices, please visit our current compatible models. This information will be updated periodically as we identify more compatible devices.

How do I turn on the Live Mobile View function in my DVR?

There is an insert in the DVR carton with a Manual Addendum explaining how to enable Live Mobile View.